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Events and programs

Cine Cuauhtémoc: Pan American Film Festival

Founded 1999, our film festival focuses on under-served, Chicano, Latino, and Native American independent filmmakers

Download this years festival program here

Annual Día De los muertos(Day of the dead)

A traditional celebration we have been observing since 2001, this event focuses on recognizing children who have passed away every Nov. 1st

El Nopal, la Serpiente y el Águila Honorary Lecture Series

This yearly event highlights the educational contributions by Chicano/a Studies professors and an honorary lecture is provided.

Chicano-Anahuac Digitizing Project

Founded 2020, this program focuses on collecting, digitizing, and archiving Chicano/a-themed newspapers, newsletters, posters, and other similar items

Reclaiming Indigenous Languages Project

Founded Oct. 2021, this program focuses on preserving and promoting functional literacy of indigenous languages especially those of the state of Texas and bordering areas.

Sembradores de Aztlan Oral History Project

Founded 2011, this program focuses on interviewing Chicano/Latino political and cultural activists. Examples can be found on our

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