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Welcome to

Museo Guadalupe Aztlan

  est. 1994

We are an all volunteer, museum- on- wheels in Houston, Texas, focusing on documenting, recording, archiving and exhibiting Chicano and Chicana-themed cultural content; moreover, exhibiting indigenous folk art of the Americas.

Sembradores de Aztlan Oral history Project

We're adding the videos from our Sebradores de Aztlan Oral History Project to our website! See one of our favorites right here, and see the rest of the archive HERE


Upcoming Events

We are very excited to announce an upcoming concert from the brilliant Gabino Palomares! He is one of Mexico's most prolific and lauded folk singers. His lyrics speak to a wide range of topics, though he is perhaps best known for his protest songs, and folk songs dealing with politics and social issues. So, please mark your calendars and join us for an evening of rousing music, and thought-provoking discussion on Thursday,  March 7th at the Leonel Castillo Community Center. To reserve a seat or for more information, email or call 713-575-7080. We look forward to seeing you there!

Hot on the heels of the above event, we'll be hosting a workshop with special significance to Museo Guadalupe Aztlan.

Did you know that MGA founder Jesus Cantu Medel was inspired to study folk arts by his grandfather, Feliciano Torres Medel? Feliciano was a folk artist and artisan, focused on beer-making, candy-making, and, of course, boot making. Carrying on his grandfather's legacy, Jesus studied with boot makers all over the world, with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts. So join us on March 11 to learn more about this fascinating tradition.


Learn about Our Annual Programs

Museo Guadalupe Aztlan offers several recurring programs, including Cine Cuauhtemoc Pan American Film Festival, Dia de Los Muertos, Sembradores de Aztlan Oral History Project, and many others.

Want to get involved? Become a member today!

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